Wednesday, August 06, 2008

An uplifting time at Zac's

At the end of Zac's last night a few of us were gathered round the coffee bar talking. The conversation went from neighbours to Neighbours to weight watching to exercise. Nic said he tried to go for a run once a week. I said, 'I can't run.'
'Of course you can run.'
'No, I'm the wrong shape for running. I have to hold my arms across my chest if I run.'

A discussion followed that involved chicken wire bras and Madonna. Steve, who'd been arguing that a little discomfort was a small price to pay, was getting up to leave, just as Sean, who'd been half-listening while carrying on another conversation, joined in with the suggestion, 'Beach volleyball.' Steve sat down again.

What is it with men and beach volleyball?!!


Hippy Mama said...

you can get a bra that powers an ipod, from boob movement! I'll find the link.

Beach volleyball,*rolls eyes*!

leslie said...

ditto *rolls eyes* but I think men love beach volleyball because the girls have legs 6 feet long and all they wear is a teeny weeny little bikini and every time they stretch their arms over their heads to hit the ball, the men are hoping something will uncover some little bit! HAH! In their dreams!

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