Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two weeks and counting

I went shopping yesterday. Not Sainsburys - for a change - but real in-town shopping. I bought trousers, two tops, a cardi (but very trendy because 2 very young sales assistants in Debenhams said, independently, how nice it was) and 2 pairs of shoes. Well, one pair of sandals and one pair of flatties that I was encouraged by the young assistant in Faith to buy because 'if you buy two pairs of sale shoes the second pair is half price again and even if you don't wear them this year you can wear them next and it's too good an opportunity to miss really', which meant that I had two pairs of shoes for £15. I also bought proper M&S socks and knickers, a fact that will especially please jmb and leslie.

Now you're asking why especially those two? Won't the world in general be pleased if you're able to go out without falling-down knickers. That's probably true but at least I won't embarrass jmb and leslie when I meet them for lunch two weeks tomorrow!

Yes, I'm going to Canada! How exciting is that? For me anyway; you're probably not that bothered. This time two weeks today Husband, Daughter, Son-in-law and I will be on a hairyplane to Vancouver. We're in Canada for two weeks starting with Vancouver Island, where we're hoping to see whales, and then travelling in the Rockies, where we're hoping to see bears (jmb and leslie, please get that arranged for me! Thank you.)

I've wanted to go to Canada for a long time but Husband and I are useless at planning holidays but then Daughter decided they'd go too and she's organised it all. Husband sorts out all the money and important stuff and I just have to go along and wave majestically to the bears. This is sort of a belated 30th anniversary present to ourselves.

The only downside is the long flight. I'm not wild about aeroplanes. I have this stupid - I know it's irrational and illogical - puzzlement about how planes can stay in the air for so long. I just can't understand how they don't sort of 'get tired'. I know: I said it was stupid. It's been explained to me but my brain won't take it in.

But assuming the plane doesn't get tired and stop to take a nap en route, we'll be landing in Vancouver on Sunday, 14th, afternoon. Oh me oh mi.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I think it is grand and very exciting that you‘ll be crossing the big pond to Canada! And seeing whale no less! Wonderful!

I understand your thoughts about airplanes. The less said about that the better! Have a grand flight and a wonderful trip. OK?

CherryPie said...

Oh! Wow! that sounds really exciting :-) The trip not the clothes ;-)

Dragonstar said...

How very exciting! Unlike Cherrypie, I think the clothes are exciting, too!

Oh, it would be so wonderful to see Canada, and meet all sorts of lovely wildlife and people (in whichever order you prefer!) You'll have a great time, and think of all you'll have to tell us when you get back.

Do you think you can survive two weeks without having to chase George in your nightie?

MissKris said...

Ahhhhh, nuts! Too bad you can't make a detour south a couple hundred miles when you're on Vancouver Island and come see ME!!!! Oregon's just a skip away, for the most part. OH well. Another missed opportunity to meet a bloggy friend. I do hope you have a WONDERFUL time! And British Columbia is quite similar to the part of Oregon I live in, too, so if you end up loving it, you'd love Oregon, too.

jmb said...

Do you mean to say that now I have to go out and buy new knickers so I won't disgrace you?

You are going to have a wonderful time and see first hand shy we are always raving about the place, well not the rain.

We used to the Rockies a lot when the children were young, camping, and have I got bear stories for you. Well I don't think I'll tell them to you otherwise you might run right home again.

Looking forward to meeting you Liz, two weeks tomorrow.

jmb said...

Why, not shy. I don't even drink alcohol!

Gattina said...

Don't know what happens but there are a lot of Brits going to Canada this year !
I was like you when I had to take a plane until a friend of mine told me to watch the stewardesses. He travelled all the time to very far destinations and took a plane like others take the tube or a bus.
And it helps, as long as they chat and laugh you don't have to be afraid !

cheshire wife said...

Have a good holiday. I hope you have not booked with Zoom.

Liz said...

I will do my best, nick!

It is, cherrypie.

I warned the kennels that george is an escape artist, dragonstar. they said they're used to that and are well fenced in. But has the fence been invented that can keep George in?! I was out there again on Saturday morning dim knickers.

I know, kris. And I did consider it but distances are SO big in America!

jmb, please arrange some nice weather for me too. Thank you.

gattina, I do keep my eyes on the stewards! 'Do they look worried?' I ask myself when I hear a funny noise!

cheshire wife, we nerly did apparently because they were cheapest but Daughter decided not to book with someone she hadn't heard of.

Rose said...

How exciting, Liz! The flight won't be that bad, especially if you're sitting with family. I do hope you get to see some whales and bears (but not up too close).

leslie said...

I'm SO glad you bought some new knickers as I'd be horribly emBARE-ASS-ed if they fell down in a nice restaurant!

jmb and I'll do our best with the weather for you. It's cooling off a bit, but September is usually still very nice for holidays.

Make sure you get to look out the window of the plane when you're going over the Rockies. It is STUPENDOUS MAGNIFICENT STUNNING and even we who are used to them never get blase about them.

I can hardly wait!

sally in norfolk said...

ohhh you will have sich a fab time.. enjoy :-)

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