Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sweet peas

I was wandering round the garden - yes, following George to make sure he didn't escape or eat my raspberries - and I noticed the sweet peas were flowering more profusely again. I wish you could smell this vaseful I have on my study window-sill.


Dragonstar said...

Liz, they're beautiful! I think I can smell them! I don't have any this year - my garden's a mess - but I'll have them again next year!

Neva said...

George needs to meet Clancy.....they seem to be so alike! Clancy helped himself to the spaghetti sauce that was simmering on the stove the other would think it would be too hot for him....he was so quick at pulling it off the stove....really...if it weren't so awful it would be freaking amazing....we enjoyed our spaghetti without the sauce (HA)........
your sweet peas look fabulous...I wish I could smell them!

leslie said...

They're GORGEOUS, Liz! I sure wish I "could" smell them. :)

Suburbia said...

Those look so lovely, I can imagin the smell. Ours are covered in greenfly now!

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