Friday, August 01, 2008

Still to-do

Yesterday morning I made a to-do list; yesterday evening I added things to it. Things like:
go to toilet;
have lunch;
make cup of tea;
go to toilet again.

And do you know why? Just so I could cross something off my list and I wouldn't feel like such an abject failure.

Although one of the things on my original list that I did do was a waste of time. Read on ...

The hair on my chin is growing faster and more lushly than I am able to tweeze it. Having read Welshcakes' post about depilation I decided the time was right - nay, the time was now - for me to wax lyrical. I mean how hard could it be? How much could it hurt?

So I bought a kit in Sainsburys - where I could feel the checkout girl staring at my chin - and put it on the shelf for a week while I dithered and made excuses until the alternatives on my list seemed even less appealing e.g. ironing.

The answer to both questions is 'not very'. Unfortunately it's also the answer to the question I didn't ask: how worthwhile will it be?

Back to the tweezing then.

P.S. I like that word 'tweezing'. I made up another word this morning: snuzzle, being a mixture of snuggling and nuzzling, and meaning a longer-lasting nuzzle. And now I keep typing the word, I wonder if there is such a word as nuzzle. Of course there is. Isn't there? Isn't it odd how some words begin to sound peculiar after you've looked at them/read them repeatedly?


Dragonstar said...

And those words you type, then look at, then re-type with a different spelling - and whatever you do with them, even after checking the dictionary, they look WRONG!!!

Have you thought of electrolysis? It stings, but the results are good.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

lol...strange, but must be something we all suffer from...l have jus emailed a pal. and told he rlve just remembered that l forgot lunch, its 6.45 pm...and l need the lo too...

CherryPie said...

I worry the other way, I have a alopecia and if I get overly stressed I lose even more hair!!

Why do our bodies do this too us?...

Colin Campbell said...

Nuzzle and Snuzzle sound like things that you would do with George.

MissKris said...

I never knew so many other middle aged women got whiskers and mustaches until I began blogging. There's a lot to be said about the comfort it gives us to know others are plagued by the same thing! And to-do lists? I lose them faster than I can write them! At this stage in life, I just muddle thru each day as best as I can.

Hullabrouhaha said...

Going to the toilet has been on my to-do list all morning too. It's a mental to-do list, meaning it probably won't get done.

The boys are back after a week away, so I am in a bit of a childcare dwam. I have been vaguely speaking of going out for nearly 2 hours now, but keep losing momentum. Ho hum.

And as for whiskers, lol, I love how you bring a smile to me Liz.



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