Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So far today

Today I have a day working at home. So far I've written about children and allergies, and chocolate brownies, and I'm just working through Romanian wine. There are two big problems when I'm working at home:
1) George;
2) George - no, that's not fair - food.

1) I have to keep getting up to: let George out - he's very not tired today; see what George is doing that he shouldn't be; following George round the garden; bringing him back when he escapes; running to fetch the camera because George is doing something cute (and naughty) etc.

2) Getting up for George means I have to go through the kitchen and that means I think about food. So far today I have eaten, in reverse order, 1 yogurt, half a bag of grapes, a slice of melon, 1 nectarine, 1 banana, 1 bowl of Frosties, several handfuls of Frosties, 1 plum, 1 bowl of Bran Flakes. See how healthy I am?! And how I cannot be losing weight when I spend so much time on the loo I don't know.
And I wonder why it takes me so long to write anything. Oh, yes, I should have added blogging as my number 3 distraction.


Lindsay said...

Only one slice of melon? I think I would have eaten the whole thing and yes - I adore Bran Flakes!

Akelamalu said...

I followed a link from somewhere and found myself here.

"....See how healthy I am?! And how I cannot be losing weight when I spent so much time on the loo I don't know."
made me laugh so much because I so know the feeling!

George is gorgeous - Gorgeous George - even if he is eating your laundry basket! :)

Anna said...


Tommy V said...

nice post a cute puppy

Denise said...

Wilma is next to me here on the sofa. We have just returned from tonight's bike ride...1.5 miles. This morning we did 3 miles. I am now very tired but Wilma is asleep. We should be in for a quiet night. We can only hope eh?

Dragonstar said...

Somehow I don't think the Denise/Wilma solution would work for you and George! I can just see you pushing your bike through hedges and brambles, trying to catch the escape artist!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

LOL...great avoidance technigues in practice here...well done you!! LOL

Suburbia said...

So healthy! Every time I go through the kitchen I reach for my hidden chocolate bar!!

PS. This reminded me of the childrens book 'The Hungry Catapillar'.....he ate through one cup, cake one piece of swiss cheese etc!

Liz said...

I'm down to half a melon now, lindsay.

hello, akelamalu, and welcome.

George sends a woof to Holly!

Thank you, tommy.

denise, I hope you had a peaceful evening!

Not to mention me falling off my bike, dragonstar.

fff, avoidance Im good at.

suburbia, my resolve disappeared at dinnertime as i munched through bread and real butter while I waited for my baked potato and salad to be ready!

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