Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rising strongly?

On The World at One on Radio 4 just now the presenter said, 'Prices are rising strongly.'

Can anything rise strongly? I was so distracted this by this question I failed to listen to the rest of the report. I blame dubious grammar for my lack of topical news knowledge.

When I went to the car boot sale a few weeks ago it was as much as I could do to stop myself getting out a felt pen and correcting all the misplaced apostrophes and spelling mistakes on the various signs on tables and car boots.

If I had been born a few years later I would probably have obsessive compulsive behaviour disorder. It's just as well they didn't have it in my day.


MissKris said...

That kind of stuff just drives me to distraction, too. Just recently I've seen July 21th and "We've moved to 51th & Powell." Arggghhhh! Someone out there is trying to drive me CRAZY!!The pronunciation of words is driving me nuts as well.

Dragonstar said...

51 th? Really? That would drive me mad too.

I know apostrophes can be difficult, but plurals are generally easy. Who first decided to make plurals by adding an apostrophe before the s ? I can't imagine why that one caught on.

Anonymous said...

well I would notice any grammar/punction mistakes being dyslexic, but I did snigger in a suitably childish way ;0)

Lindsay said...

My 90 year old Dad has a habit using a biro and correcting bad grammar in the books he reads!

Wolfie said...

It says a lot about the people who supply car-boot sales then. I'm more of an ebay kind of guy myself. Some people don’t know how easy they have it ...

Jules said...

I completely agree with you. If you are going to put something out for the public to see, at least make it correct.

I have a pet peeve with people who write "alot" instead of "a lot" as well, but that's just a me thing I think.

MaryB said...

Ha! Yes, we're so lucky to have been born before OC was invented. ;-) I'm the same way about grammar and punctuation. It's only getting worse with texting, you know. Sigh.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Life is not often so simple though!

Back in September 2006 I wrote about all the exceptions to the
'I before E except after C' rule.


You'll be surprised at how many there are!

cheshire wife said...

Poor grammar and inappropriate punctuation annoy me too. When we moved to Chester I listened to the local radio for a time, but had to stop listening because the bad grammar and wrongly use words grated on me so much, especially first thing in the morning. Now I listen to Radio Two most of the time. At least they speak properly.

leslie said...

You and me both, Liz! When asked to read something, if a spelling or grammatical mistake is there, it will JUMP OUT at me! And that's the end of the reading for me - all I see is the mistake. It's all I can do not to correct someone. Bite tongue, Leslie, bite tongue!

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