Monday, August 18, 2008

One of those days

Every morning I take a cocktail of pills: my happy pill plus cod liver oil and glucosamine for my joints, evening primrose for my ladies' bits and whatsitcalled for my memory. Yesterday morning, while swallowing them I was distracted by George. He'd seen a monster in his drinking bowl and was knocking and tapping it until he managed to get all the water and the monster onto the floor. I'd taken the final pill when I thought, 'Gosh, that one was sweet. They're not usually that sweet.' Then I realised I'd taken the sweetener I'd got out for Husband's tea.

That should have been warning enough, but, undeterred, as I arrived early at church I joined Jane who was on welcoming duty. A group of four arrived: two men, two women. I knew one of the couples and the other woman looked so much like the first that I said, 'I can see who you are; you look just like your mum.'
She laughed. 'She's my sister.'

On the bright side, at least I didn't say it the other way round.


Dragonstar said...

Oh dear! I have days like that, too!
In fact, I having one today. Can I say !Oh dear" again?

Suburbia said...

So glad that the whatsitcalled for your memory is working well !

Rose said...

Suburbia said it best:) I would have to take the memory pill first, so I could remember if I'd taken the others.

leslie said...

Friend #1 was having a garage sale. Friend #2 was in attendance but out of earshot when a "customer" referred to her (F#2) as F#1's mother! We never told her.

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