Sunday, August 03, 2008

Not on your side, Mr Bush

Phew, I'm worn out after my mammoth post writing session but I have to add one more thing.

During last Sunday's talk, Chris mentioned a verse I'd never heard before. It's such a vital verse that I can't believe that it's not referred to more often.

Before the battle for Jericho, Joshua met 'the commander of the Lord's army'. (Some say this was an early appearance of Christ; others say it was an angel.) Joshua asked him whose side he was on. 'Are you for us or for our enemies?'
Now the Israelites had been led out of captivity, through the wilderness, and many hardships, and were on the verge of entering the land the Lord had promised them. You'd think it would be pretty obvious to most people that God was on their side.
But the commander of the army of the Lord said, 'Neither.'

God's not on America's side. He's not on Britain's side. He's not on Iraq's side. He is God. He is on the side of the unloved and the unlovely, the hurt, the weak, the lost, the lonely, the sad, the bad, and the mad.


Rose said...

Like you, Liz, I have trouble with a lot of the Old Testament. People have been killing each other in the name of God for centuries. This verse makes much more sense.
I wouldn't have made a very good theologian either...

Katney said...

The question is, are we on His side?

mutleythedog said...


God is on my side as I am lonely, sad, bad and mad !! Great News!

....oh....I see...

I am not that lonely. Really....

leslie said...


MaryB said...

Amen, Sister!

Ruthie said...

Lovely, Liz. I agree.

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