Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Knickers, blisters and Teacosy Pete

Why is it that I only get 10 yards from the front gate before my knickers start falling down? They've been fine all day. I was wearing trousers so it wasn't a problem, just uncomfortable, so as soon as I got on the tip I stuck my hand down the back and pulled them up. And this time they stayed up. It's a mystery to me.

And as for my wellies. I might as well have gone barefoot for the numbers of holes they have in them. I haven't worn them for a while as I had blisters but my skin had healed so I thought they'd be okay. I was forgetting that my wellies were the reason I had blisters. By halfway round our walk I was limping and groaning. The only ways I could proceed without uttering a little 'eeurhh' with each step was if I walked flat-footed with my toes gripping the front of my wellies, or on tippy-toes with my heels raised. Neither was sustainable for long. Or if there were other people about. I thought seriously again about going barefoot.

I must buy some new wellies. And walking shoes.

On our way across the tip we encountered Teacosy Pete. The tip is usually deserted and, in that respect, quite lonely, so it's a bit disconcerting to see a bedraggled old tramp coming out of the bushes. But as soon as I realised who it was I was okay. Pete is a bit of a legend in Swansea. I believe someone has even set up a Facebook or MySpace page about him. I've seen him on the tip before, in the early morning, so I think he must sleep in the woods sometimes. He's famous because he walked a long distance to return a wallet of money he'd found to the owner. There are various stories about his background and how he came to live out but he's a private man. We each have our own story.


Dragonstar said...

Your knickers seem to have a life all of their own!
And wellies are brilliant at giving blisters.
You need a nice new pair of nicely-fitting waterproof boots or shoes.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

You need autoelast knickers, designed to choke the life out of you when they rise up, Liz.

Baht At said...

arghh I know the feeling - when the elastic goes on the old under-crackers it is hell.

Mind you I've recently found that Primark and other shops beloved of the chavs sell underwear and socks so cheap that you can wear them for a day and throw them away.

Suburbia said...

That's a great post, I enjoyed reading it very much. Hey, you could use those knickers for dusting instead!!!
Pete sounds interesting. There seem to be less of those sorts of characters around these days, or perhaps I don't hang around on tips as much as I used too!

Ole Phat Stu said...

Considering that Swansea is the 5th unhappiest place in the hole(sic!) of Britain [ see ] you're getting off lightly ;-)

Liz said...

Old or new I have the same problem, dragonstar. I don't know what it is. I need some good old-fashioned ones: the sort that wehn the elastic goes you really know about it!

Hello, james! welcome back to Blighty.

I think that's the trouble, baht at; I need to shop at M&S instead!

Well, actually, suburbia, I do use old ones (clean) for dusting!

I'm not unhappy stu. It must be everyone else.

jmb said...

I think Wellingtons are the most evil shoes invented and I always get blister so I refuse to wear them. The even rub the front of one's leg, evil, evil things.

James Higham said...

Any luck with the knickers?

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