Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm turning into my granny

Yesterday I was volunteering in the community cafe our church runs in the school holidays. We're very child-friendly. One half of the cafe is set out with tables and chairs; the other half has sofas, toys and computers.

We were very busy and towards the end of the afternoon several mums and children were sitting in the 'cafe' bit eating and drinking when one of the little boys - probably about 18 months - began projectile vomiting. His mum started the cleaning up with paper towels and then I moved in with a bucket and mop. It wasn't a problem; you have to expect the odd accident if you cater for children.

They all moved on to another table, except for the mum who began changing her son's sicky clothes. As I mopped around her, she continued her chat with the other mums, completely ignoring me. I don't know if she was embarrassed but she didn't make eye contact and it was if I didn't exist. I didn't get the impression she was embarrassed as she was telling her friends, 'I took him to a party on Sunday and he was sick then too. It was probably my fault that time as well as he'd been stuffing himself and then I started dancing with him.'

As she was changing his clothes, he was happily tucking into a bag of crisps.

I don't know. Mothers today!