Sunday, August 10, 2008

Haven't lost the knack

We went ten pin bowling last night. It was the first time we'd been for years and I'm pleased to report that I haven't lost the knack: I came last twice. Magnificent scores of 60 and 67. Husband won the first game with 140; Elder Son won the second with 147.
I was very excited because I spotted Duncan Jones, Wales and Ospreys prop forward, playing a few lanes down from us. Younger Son was suitably embarrassed when I asked the international rugby player if he'd have his photo taken with him. 'He gets mistaken for you, ' I explained.


Dragonstar said...

Nice that you still have your former skill ;)

leslie said...

Well, you would have beaten ME! Now who is whom in the photo?

Puss-in-Boots said...

You're like me, Liz...I reckon I'm the best gutter bowler in Australia. But I have a lot of fun and very occasionally, I'll get a strike...what excitement.

Lindsay said...

Good photo. Follow all TV rugby. My physio lived in Llantwit Major and used to keep Cardiff and then Llanelli held together - I used to get all the gen! We nickname the two welsh props 'the woolly sheep' - no offence meant!

cheshire wife said...

Does the knack include keeping your finger nails? I always break mine if I go bowling and my nails are not long.

Rose said...

They do look alike, though I don't know who is who! No rugby here, but you know I am a big baseball fan. Had he been a player from the Chicago Cubs, I would have tripped over the lanes trying to get his autograph and picture, too. I am such an embarrassment to my children:)

By the way were those your legs in the fishnet stockings on Friday??

Maggie May said...

Well yes........ who is who?

Liz said...

Dragonstar, oh, yes, it's like riding a bike. Of course I can't do that either.

Younger Son is Mr Perfect on the right, leslie.

I didn't get a single strike and only one spare, puss!

They'er also known as the hair bears, lindsay.

No, cheshire wife, my one nail survived and is still hanging on ...

It's what parents are for, rose, to embarrass their children! Yes, they were my legs.

MM, my son is on the right. The good-looking one!

CherryPie said...

I am much better at bowling on the Wii ;-)

Neva said...

NOt that I recognize the soccer player but I do see the resemblance....I always tell my kids that is what I do....embarrass them....payback and all that!!!!

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