Monday, August 25, 2008

George goes seeking God

At least that's what I assume he was doing.

Younger Son took the phone call. 'We have your dog at the main gate.' By the time I got to the main gate of the Bible College George was running around the grounds again.

But he was really good when we were away and that's what you always hope for from your children too, isn't it? That they won't show you up and misbehave when they're out. George was wonderful. He waited until he was on his way home in the car before he started eating the duvet we'd taken for him to sleep on. (At home he has to sleep on a rug - which he's gradually eating his way through - because he eats every bed we give him.) He carried on from where he'd left on when we brought the duvet in the house too.

Oh, George!



Susan said...

Oh Liz! How sweet! George was seeking forgiveness so he went to the Bible College to see who would pray with him. I love to look at George's picture and hear George stories because it reminds me I am not alone having crazy animals making bad choices!

Dragonstar said...

Mine demolished duvets, too! Pillows lasted a matter of seconds. Canvas survived though.

George is a darling!

Aileni said...

Do you mean to say the Bible College is still there... !!
Oh, the tales I could tell. Tom Sharpe aint in it.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Naughty George! But how can you be mad at a puppy with a face like his?

CherryPie said...

Oh! No!

napaboaniya said...

Oh no!!!!
A cottony disaster but with that look on his face, there's no heart to scold him :P

Rose said...

I keep telling you, Liz, that George is one very smart dog! He knows when he must put on "company manners" and apparently he knows where to go to find sanctuary when he's been ornery:)

I almost brought home my own "George" today--Granddaughter and I have been volunteering at the local animal shelter, and today I fell in love with a puppy. But when I went to inquire about him, he'd already been adopted. Sigh.

leslie said...

Maybe it's time that he sleeps on the bare floor - only then he'd chew his way through the boards and escape through the cellar. :(

jmb said...

Well he needs to go to Bible college because he certainly has a devil inside. Have you thought of an exorcism?

McBöbø said...

Is that dog some sort of Andrex puppy gone wrong?

Liz said...

susan, it just shows that we're nice people really!

I know, dragonstar. He only has to look at me with those eyes ...

Yes, the college is, aileni. In fact it has a new lease of life - and lots of money as Emmanuel has been knocked down and the land sold to developers.

Precisely, morning glories!

oh yes, cherrypie and napaboaniya!

Oh, rose! Maybe next time ...

leslie, he would chew his way through anything.

jmb, he's a terror but very gorgeous!

Quite possibly, mcbobo!

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