Wednesday, August 13, 2008

George and the mud

The vet prescribed a long course of antibiotics - one and a half pills twice daily for three weeks - for George. She also gave me cream to apply and said he mustn't go swimming.

Two problems:
a) I can't break the pills in half. I phoned to ask if I could give him one and two instead. The receptionist said I should get a pill-cutter.
'A pill-cutter? Is there such a thing?'

b) We live in Wales. Even when we're not in the middle of the wettest August since the universe began it's hard to walk a dog anywhere there isn't a dirty puddle of some sort. Our walkies now happen to the accompaniment of a constant barrage of screaming from me, 'No, George! NO, George! GEORGE, NOOOOO!!!!'


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, poor George and poor you! Hugs for both of you from Simi and me xx

leslie said...

Yes, there is a pill cutter and if I lived there, I'd run over and give it to you! Ask at the pharmacy. And I guess you're going to have to stick to the paved areas now. Poor George! :(

Lindsay said...

Yes - the vets have pill cutters - they are brilliant - we have one which we use for human pills. I think though they are ridiculoulsy expensive, something like £7.00. I once asked the human chemists if they had a pill cutter - they had not heard of them!

Liz said...

The girl in the vets said they could order one for me. Then a few minutes later she phoned back and said, 'You can get them a lot cheaper at the chemist!'

I've only tried one chemist so far and they were out of stock.

jams o donnell said...

Aww poor little fellow. There is never a dull moment with George is there?

Dragonstar said...

You'll have to walk sedately through the middle of town. No? Well, I must admit my imagination is working overtime - possible videos are running (and screaming!) through my head. Poor both of you.

CherryPie said...

A pill cutter?!!!

jmb said...

We had a dozen pill splitters at work in the hospital pharmacy. I guess you have one by now. Funnily enough most tablets are grooved nowadays and they are easy to break across the groove unless they are very small.

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