Sunday, August 03, 2008


A week ago Husband and I had this conversation.
Me: Is Midsomer Murders on tonight?
Husband: No.
(I didn't say it was going to be an interesting conversation.)

So we watched a film.

Now we have one of those magic digi-boxes and last night we were flicking through the list of programmes we'd recorded to decide what to watch when what do we find on the list but Midsomer Murders. From last Sunday.
Me: I thought you said it wasn't on?
Husband: I thought it wasn't.

Because digi-box is cleverer than Husband, it recorded MM anyway as it was set up to record the whole series. Excellent. We settled down to watch it in eager anticipation of at least five murders - the quiet English countryside is anything but quiet in the Midsomer area.

It was getting close to the end and Detective Inspector Barnaby was about to work out whodunnit or who was about to do it when ... the screen went blank.

The digi-box is foolproof but, sadly, not idiotproof. Husband, not realising it was recording last Sunday, had switched the digi-box off at that point.

So if you watched Midsomer Murders last week - the one about magic and loopy people - please tell me who the murderer was. We have our suspicions - the mild-mannered solicitor - but that is all they will remain unless someone can set us right.


MissKris said...

While Dear Hubby was on his cross-country...well, HALF across country...truck trip earlier this week, he called home to make sure an episode of one of the hunting shows was set up to record on our DVR. Yup, I told him. Daughter looked at it later...still set up to record. He came home Thursday and in the evening he sat down with GREAT anticipation to watch said program. Only to find IT DIDN'T RECORD!!! I'm telling you, the man is jinxed when it comes to the DVR and my computer. Even when we recheck it over and over again, half of what he wants recorded never does. And just about every time he asks me to find something online for him, there's some kind of glitch. Either the website won't load, what a magazine will tell him will be there won't be there, or if we're trying to purchase something, the transaction won't go thru. No wonder the poor man hates technology!!!

Dragonstar said...

I've given up worrying about TV. If a programme's on, I'll watch. If it isn't - who cares? Recording goes wrong so often!

cheshire wife said...

We have recorded last Sunday's Midsomer Murders and I will let you know who dunit in about six months time when we get around to watching it.

leslie said...

I just adore MM here! I've watched Frost and Morse and now's on here on Saturday nights - well, that just goes to show how exciting "my" Saturday nights are, eh? lol But I think you probably have different ones on from what we have on - actually last Sat. I'd already seen the one showing so watched a film instead.

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