Thursday, August 14, 2008


Brian Beetle had to go to the garage today for a paint job. Younger Son, driving Betty, came with us so he could bring me home. Betty is parked in front of the garage so they went ahead. It was only as we were driving there that I wondered whether I'd told Younger Son that we weren't going to the usual garage but to a bodywork place.

I hadn't. As I turned off I tooted Brian's horn frantically. Well, like a frantic mouse. Squeak, squeakity, squeak. there was about as much chance of YS hearing it as me getting a strike in bowling.

Luckily Younger Son is smarter than I am and he noticed my manoeuvre even though a car had squeezed in between us.

If I had even an eighth of a brain I'd be grateful.


Dragonstar said...

Well, YS has proved that he keeps his wits about him when driving. That must be reassuring.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

What color is it being painted?

Calum said...

What do you think happens to all these missing bits of brain?

You're missing 7/8ths. I'm brainless and so I'm missing a whole brain. Do you think we're born with bits of brain missing or does someone steal them?

I'm confused.

Lindsay said...

YS was looking in his rear view mirror like a good boy should!

Aileni said...

And your musical of choice today is:
'The Wizard of Oz' - the Scarecrow's Song.

mutleythedog said...

Did they remember to take of the old paint first ?

Liz said...

It is reassuring, dragonstar. He's a good driver.

White, nick. There was a bit that had gone dull.

I think there is a brain theif, calum. A scientist is a castle somewhere is creating a genius with our missing brains.

Yes, he was, lindsay.

Very good, aileni. Do you think the wizard could help me?

I don't know mutts! What men do in garages is a mystery to me.

Katney said...

Liz, I have stopped by to tell you that I have psoted an award for you at Katney's Kaboodle.

Actually, two--and one for George as well.

leslie said...

I hope you'll post a photo of it when you get it back! As we lose the bits of brain matter, our kids are picking it up for us. ;)

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