Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ABC Wednesday - F

My Beatles song this week is Free as a Bird. In today's Orwellian surveillance-obsessed society is it possible for any of us to be really free? Or are we destined to be as shackled as the bird of prey in the photo, with only our spirits being truly free?

Tee hee, how pretentious is that?! I can't be that serious for long so I'll explain my collage of photos.

As I explained in an earlier post I was too scared to go round photographing cctv cameras for fear that MI5 would come and take my computer away. (See how the situation has worsened? At first it was only the local police; now MI5 are involved. By tomorrow it will be heavies with baseball bats.) So the cctv camera images I took from the internet, which is where I found the Beatles record sleeve too. The central image is one Husband took when we were on holiday in France in July.

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Gary said...

It's amazing how much we have to put up with in Britain - we are without doubt one of the most observed nations, and its usually got something to do with the government or local council raking in money off us. We have speaking cameras in Middlesbrough - they shout at you if you drop litter or smile inappropriately!

Happy ABC.
Bodge's Bulletin

RuneE said...

Since we are all using cameras and posting here - maybe we are part of the game?

Aileni said...

I wondered what you were up to.
An original approach though.

ArneA said...

You are a week ahead. This can be reused next week under G is for George Orwell

Dragonstar said...

Very clever Liz! Well done.

Reader Wil said...

Speaking cameras? That's amazing indeed! So Big Brother is really watching you! How scary.

Granny Smith said...

I don't quite agree with Gary's comment, since I think our USA runs a close second in governmental observation, although for somewhat different reasons, since our government sees a terrorist behind every tree.

The collage did not strike me as at all paranoid.

ellen b said...

Very cool Liz! Love the collage :0)

Nydia said...

I try not to think how controled our public (only?) lives are... You have a point here!

Great collage, poor bird...

Kisses from Nydia.

Rose said...

Great collage! Glad to know you didn't take the camera photos yourself; I'd hate to think you'd miss next week's ABC Wednesday because you were in jail!

Granny Smith is right--we have surveillance cameras all over the U.S., too. Although I have yet to hear one tell me to pick up litter, but then I don't do that anyway.

leslie said...

You are SO creative! This is awesome! :D

Texas Travelers said...

Be careful of MI5.
What reader wil said also.

Thanks for the visit,

Amanda said...

oh I like that, very clever and true!

Thanks for your kind words I probably need to eat more chocolate ;0)

CaBaCuRl said...

I look forward so much to seeing what Beatles song you post each week Liz! I agree with you 100% about CCTV....it is very scary that 'Big Brother' can be monitoring you as you go innocently about your business.

Old Wom Tigley said...

This is very good, and topical... cameras in the high street.. put they it was said for safety issues are now taking over the giving of parking tickets for minor traffic offences...

CherryPie said...

Nice idea :-) I think I must be on those records somewhere :-/

Bear Naked said...

Fabulous Find on the internet.

Bear((( )))

babooshka said...

Beautiful song, and thankfully speaking cameras will not get here for another century.

onangelwings said...

Great collage.

D Herrod said...

Like the way you framed the bird with cameras. Very cool.

nina said...

Interesting bird--likes similar to our eagle?

Baht At said...

I did have a section on my image gallery entitled Bradford Cameras but I got bored and they disappeared in one of the great upgrades.


I'll photo everyone on the way to the office from the interchange this morning - should be quite a collection!


so glad we dont have the fear of being arrested for taking photographs - just dress up as a tourist and you're fine here!

Puss-in-Boots said...

What an interesting post. CCTV cameras are everywhere and it's not going to get any better. Sad, really.

Denise said...

It is a dilema. Only a few weeks ago I was taking some lovely seascapes when a group of children came along. I put my camera away and missed some awesome shots.
A very fine line.

Thanks for this...France, seems so long ago.

McBöbø said...

You'll be fine taking photos of CCTV cameras.

They know who you are and where you live already.

They can recognise you from your face or your jaunty gait in those knackered shoes.

They've logged you every time you fill up your car, travel aboard, use your mobile or a cash point machine.

Really, you couldn't be safer.

Baht At said...

OK done


Unbelievably there were 30 cameras I spotted on a five minute walk.

I guess they need them to keep tabs on all the Al-Q operatives in Bradford.

Personally I have nothing against Al-Q and would give them a pat on the back for ending terrorism in Northern Ireland with their little effort on 9th November.

Dirk said...

Nice collage with the great bird picture in the middle. Feeling free as a bird or is 'big brother' watching?
Dirkjogt, Belgium

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

You did very well considering your situation over there... better safe than sorry.
very nice collage.. i like it!

Gordon said...

A creative post, Liz. Great collage. I'll photograph a CCTV camera for you; we only have the police involved ... I think! Really, it is sad that our governments need to go to such lengths to protect us.

The Urban Buddha said...

Haha.. I enjoyed this post. Funny and clever.. Nice shot of the bird.. :) Funny tho that you're so paranoid about takin a pic of a cctv camera that you expect MI5 come knocking on your door but not worried about copyright at all.. lol.. I'm quite the opposite, more scared of getting that envelope with a lawsuit.. ;)
Have a great day.

Miss_Yves said...

Great collage!
miss Yves

Neva said...

These cameras are here as well and I am not sure I would stop to photograph them either! Nice Free as a bird!

Suburbia said...

Scary we're being watched so much. Great idea for ABC Wed though!

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