Tuesday, August 05, 2008

ABC Wednesday - C

Continuing ABC Wednesday on a Beatles' songs theme.

A few weeks ago we went to France with Daughter and Son-in-law. SiL was taking part in L'Etape, the amateur stage of the Tour de France. Part of the stage involved cycling up and through the Col de Tourmalet, the highest pass in the Pyrenees. When SiL did it, the weather was abysmal: freezing cold, pouring with rain and very poor visibility. A few days later we took him back up in the sunshine to see what he had cycled over. The photo is of Husband and me at the Col de Tourmalet, demonstrating Can't Buy Me Love (but for everything else there's Mastercard). To take part in ABC Wednesday, visit http://abcwednesdayround3.blogspot.com/


Texas Travelers said...

Wow! Great post.
Liked the M/C touch.
Great view.

Our "C" is Here.
Come visit,
Troy and Martha

Anonymous said...

A really lovely happy picture
Wendy (Wales)

shutterhappyjenn said...

That's one witty entry. Yes, we can't buy love! Lovely photo of you and your husband.

My C post is HERE. Please stop by if you have some time. It will be very much appreciated. Happy Wednesday!

Kjerstis Hjørne said...

Cool C-Choice! Beatles is great! At the moment Hello, goodbye is my favourite song.

ellen b said...

Ahh. Sweet. How fun to see you and hubby!! What an amazing place to be, too. Your son in law gets my admiration for attempting that grueling ride!!

leslie said...

Perfect! Love it and both your smiles. Come to visit! ;D

Nancy said...

What a beautiful place and such a nice picture of the two of you.

RuneE said...

Well pu - if we could, it would have been a sad life.

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a lovely photo, Liz. I laughed at the Mastercard logo in the corner.

DeeJay said...

Great post as usual Liz
Has the Mastercard statement arrived yet? :-)

How far ahead have you planned the Beatles titles? I bet you are going to struggle with 'X'

Denise said...

Yes so true. I think we are just about finished paying for our holidays! Saving up for next year now!

Gary said...

Your picture should've been on the front cover of the single!! Perfect example.

Great post.

Bodge's Bulletin.

Anonymous said...

Our plastic friend - don't you love it.

Bear Naked said...

What a wonderful way to express love.
Beautiful view by the way.

Bear((( )))

Texas Travelers said...

Thanks for the visit.

To answer your comment: No, the caterpillars are actually hard to find. Walking along they just seem to blend in with the vegetation. You wouldn't think so from the photograph.

Thanks again for the visit.

Lynette said...

Lovely photo and story for your ABC Wednesday post.

Rose said...

Great post, Liz! I'm going to look forward to all the Beatles songs every Wednesday over the next months.

Rose said...

Me again. Just thinking, you might have to start looking for a submarine for "Yellow Submarine":)

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