Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stunted development

After the storm of the weekend, the paths in the woods are carpeted with greenery. A few trees have been brought down and this is the best one:It goes across the path and is just the right height and has the right amount of flexibility to make it perfect for 'Ride 'em, cowboy!' Husband and George pretended not to be with me. Not that there was anyone around to see.

This afternoon a stray dog joined us in the woods for a while. He was a boy dog and every time he cocked his leg I said, 'Look, George! See? That's what you're supposed to do.'

Most dogs we meet just growl at George in a 'Clear off, you horrid rumbustious puppy' sort of way so George hasn't had a role model. Husband and Younger Son have refused to demonstrate the principles to him so I fear his development may be stunted. In fact, it probably already is. I am like a pushy parent: Is your baby walking yet? Talking? Cocking his leg?

* * * * * * * * * *

I am going to bed now. We had a brief power cut this afternoon and since then next door's alarm has been going off. They're on holiday so I guess it could be a long night.


Anonymous said...

Our block of flats is without it's security entry system this week - rain got in, it all shorted out, causing al the doorbells to ding incessantly. Pete had to crawl into the understairs cupboard and disconnect a certain wire amongst many (again)! This time, the maintenance man has failed to appear so it's very quiet around here, more than usual.

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