Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spot the anomaly

Is anomaly the right word?

George eats my laundry baskets (plastic and cane); he eats lager cans, yogurt pots and horse poo. I don't call the vet.
George eats margarine; I call the vet.

Their poison department calls me back. They've checked the ingredients and there's nothing poisonous there. Well, that's good to know. Though actually it was the quantity rather than the quality that concerned me. Heaven knows, I like a nice thick layer of fresh butter on crusty bread but I don't dip my finger in and eat it raw, for goodness' sake.

We've just walked in the woods. I was hoping some would be evacuated but only a little appeared as far as I saw.

I did see something almost amazing though. I said to George, 'Look! A little tiny holly branch growing out of this tree. Isn't that amazing?'
George looked. 'No.'
'Yes, it is. It's as if nature grafted it on.'
'It's a holly tree, stoopid!'
'Oh. Well, you're a fine one to call me stupid. I'm not the one who ate a tub of margarine.'
'Nothing stupid about that!'
'Are you going to tell them about the 'monster' in the woods?' George asked.
'The monster who turned out to be a man with an umbrella! Ha ha ha.'
'Oh shut up!'

Outsmarted by the dog. Again.


Suburbia said...

Oh no! Lots of margerine. What goes in must come out!! Good luck:)

Rose said...

Love the photo of George. He's quite the gentleman, isn't he--giving the best bed to his friend?:)
I'm sure he will be fine after the margarine incident. After all, olive oil is supposed to be good for you. Of course, you might need to be prepared for a middle of the night potty break for him!

jmb said...

I think he thinks he's a goat! Tell him he's not. Not that he takes any notice of you!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...


My dog Muffin used to love gobbling butter and margarine. The vet told me that a LITTLE was good for her coat.

Dragonstar said...

That should grease the works quite nicely! Dogs are exactly like small children, aren't they? If you can hear them, they're doing something they shouldn't; if you can't hear them .....

Love the picture of George in his puppy-bed!

Further on up the road said...

See another reason why I shouldn't get a dog - it'll be smarter than me... :-)

MissKris said...

This sounds like the conversations Chloe dog and I have, too. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm half-loony, jabbering away at my dog while I'm walking around, but if they only understood the psychic connection she and I have! People talk to me all the time, tho, so they must've come to the conclusion I'm a little weird -- but harmless! Hahahahaha! ;-P

-TNChick- said...

Well, my daughter seems to think it's good to eat butter out of the tub. LOL

I've called poison control once, for my hound - she ate a nyquil!! Or... we thought she did - I later found it under my desk.

jams o donnell said...

He is one coracious pup! If this was not a cat house (hmm that doesn't sound right does it?) I would love a dog like George

Susan said...

I have to say George has good taste~everybody loves butter at my house(the family the dog likes to lick it off bread, all three cats will lick the dish if it is let out) For cats it helps with hair balls!

Neva said...

Clancy and George should meet...except they would then come away and dry us both crazy with the stuff they learned from each other! What a hoot.

Liz said...

An awful lot of margarine, suburbia! I think he brought most of it up in the bushes though.

He seems to like curling up in the small bed, I don't know why, rose.

He takes lots of notice of me, jmb! He listens, then ignores.

A little is supposed to be good, yes, nick. So a lot should be very good ...

dragonstar, I can't decide if George is a naughty toddler or a troublesome teen!

That is not a good reason, furtheron.

kris, I get more sense out of george than some poeple I talk to!

tnchick, you'd think dogs would be wise about what's good to eat and not, wouldn't you?

You can have him if you like, jams!

Susan, he does have god taste. And bad taste!

Neva, we'd better make sure they don't meet then!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

George is really very smart, isn't he?

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