Monday, May 12, 2008

Sometimes I am so blonde

With apologies to any blonde friends.

Betty had a flat tyre. Husband pumped it up and I was dispatched to the tyre repair shop this morning. As I'm driving there I start to feel her rolling as she did when I first noticed the tyre was flat. I carry on driving but realise that I am leaning away from the poorly tyre - as if to compensate and relieve the load on it. See what I mean about being blonde?

Anyway first tyre shop doesn't have the right size; in the second tyre shop they say can do it in 30 minutes or so. So I leave Betty there and go to the Post Office to have my passport renewal form checked. I am rejected because my fringe is too long; Husband is rejected because his eyebrows are too high.

I go back to the tyre shop. They haven't started so I settle down to read a trashy mag. Tyre man comes in and say, 'Do you have the bolt?'
He can tell from my face that despite my red-brown hair I am really blonde. 'Come and see,' he says.

The wheel should be held on by 4 bolts; there are only 3 in place. He will not change the wheel because if he sent me out with 3 bolts and I had an accident I could sue him. 'Can you replace the bolt?' I ask already knowing the answer.
'No. You'll need to get one from a VW supplier. But once you've got that it will be a quick job as it's the valve not the tyre that's gone,' he says. 'Listen,' and he wiggles the valve. 'Hear it?'
'Yes,' I lie.

I give up, go home and will leave Betty's repair until next weekend when Husband will be home to sort it out.


jams o donnell said...

I can pass no adverse comment Liz. When it comes to cars I am an utter ignoramus. Luckily the not-wife's brother has a car repair business so we get our work done free with parts at cost

sally in norfolk said...

cars great when then work ...awful when they dont...

Suburbia said...

Liz, I loved the bit about laening away to compensate!! lol!

Further on up the road said...

can you take one of the nuts off another wheel with four on and put it on the other one. Then he hasn't got a problem... simple.

I'm presuming you have a tool and can get one off one of the other wheels here obviously.. :-)

Elsie said...

Apology accepted. :)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

you can never be too blonde!

Liz said...

Lucky you, jams!

Sally, I agree - and mostly I'm used to them not working!

It seemed sensible to me, suburbia.

Furtheron, do I look like the sort of person who has a tool? (But, yes, Husband did suggest that but I'd lost interest by then.)

Elsie, welshcakes, you two are, of course, exceptions to the rule! Clever and blonde!

philos said...

This is so funny hehe... love your blog! :)

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