Friday, May 09, 2008

Single and a bookworm?

Then Swansea library is the place for you tonight!

Swansea Central Library has recently moved into its new home in the newly-named Civic Centre (it was County Hall when we had that county council thing briefly before they decided that it was a level of government too much) and amongst the new and exciting events they have organised is a monthly Singles Night.

When you get there you just tell the librarian that you're there to pull and she'll give you a little pink badge to make you easily identifiable to other singles.

It sounds ideal to me. The advantages of a library over a nightclub are:
a) you can see who is there;
b) you can see, without the rose-coloured glasses of alcohol, who is there;
c) you can be assured that they're the sort of people who prefer a cup of cocoa and a night in with a good book to a night on the town;
d) you can narrow it down even more by staying within your own favourite aisles;
e) you can hear and be heard.

And being able to see and hear is a definite plus in my book. (Geddit? My book? Oh well.)


Anonymous said...

Yes, sounds ideal. All you have to do is spot your prey, sorry, potential date, then watch which books he is looking through. But what do you do if he then selects his books and goes through the check-out system before you get a chance to chat? And how can you chat in a library anyway?

Suburbia said...

Sounds a great idea to me. but can you tell a book by his cover?!

Mauigirl said...

Sounds perfect, especially if a single person wants to meet someone with common interests - like reading!

I'm finally getting time to catch up with blog reading!

CalumCarr said...

You Welsh certainly know how to enjoy yourselves!!

I believe next week they're running a Swingers Night. Just put your library card in the bowl and you "go" with whoever picks your card.

Now this is a potential source of income which could help keep council taxes down.

CherryPie said...

I think I like the idea of being able to hear and just chat wins over for me ;-)

Now Calum is just making me wonder about the whole library thing :-O

MissKris said...

You would definitely know you have one thing in common! A book reading guy couldn't be all bad, that's for sure.

leslie said...

Go check it out for me, Liz, and put my face on a little nametag for me. Tell all the blokes I'm a'comin' to get 'em next summer. Gotta watch out for us wild Canajuns!!! ;D

YTSL said...

Interesting idea... wonder how many people will show up? ;b

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