Sunday, May 04, 2008

Round-up of my life

I called in to vote on Thursday on my way home from circuit training. It wasn't until I was in the little booth that I realised I didn't have my glasses with me and couldn't see whom I was voting for. (I could make out the logos so I think I voted for the right parties at least.)

Today I'd offered to make lunch for the students and for people getting the church building ready for a wedding tomorrow. I made two huge casserole dishfuls of Moroccan Lamb and was going to take a photo but it all got eaten before I had a chance. I'd also assumed there would be plenty left for Husband and me to have for dinner tonight. Not to worry; I'm very happy with beans on toast.

And there isn't really much more to say except we went out on Saturday to buy some more fencing to try and keep George in the front garden. Husband put it up Saturday afternoon; Sunday morning George escaped around it. Husband fixed up more wire mesh. This afternoon George found a titchy space around the back of the house that he forced himself through. Determined is his middle name.

Suddenly the leaves are bursting out all over. Every year, the suddenness of the change surprises me. And the freshness of the green delights.

Two letters I received:

a) An invitation to test drive an Audi A3 coupe. What makes anyone think I am the sort of person who buys a new fancy car is beyond me. But I must be on someone's list. in the past I've been invited to test drive a Land Rover and a Jaguar (now that was tempting but I figured they'd take one look at me, realise I wasn't the sort of person that bought brand-new Jaguars, and send me away hurriedly before I gave their forecourt a bad reputation).

b) An invitation to a mammogram. Oh goodie.

Oh, yes, and this new post-dated posting thing that Blogger is so proud of. I always change the time so that it's the BST time I'm posting it. If I do that now, then Blogger tries to save it until it's that time where Blogger is (wherever that may be). If you see what I mean. So all my posts will have the wrong time on them. Which may not matter to you but it matters to me in my obsessive way. Has anyone else discovered this quirk?


MissKris said...

It's time for my mammogram too, missy. Oh, the joys of womanhood!

Suburbia said...

Hi Liz, what is it with GEORGE!!

I havent tried the blogger timed post thing. Can't get my head round much recently!

mdmhvonpa said...

Voting w/o glasses? Might be the way to go, eh?

leslie said...

Maybe you need to invest in building a solid wooden fence high enough he can't jump over it.

Mammograms ~ ICK!

Hope the election results were what you hoped for, even if you didn't put the X in the right spot! :D

starnitesky said...

George is certainly a very determined dog - try putting the wire round him - only joking!

My experience with timed blogger was not good it posted twice (at the same time as far as I could see)

I do hope you voted for the correct party!

Rose said...

The thought of you voting without your glasses is hilarious! If some strange officials get elected, you'll know who to blame.
I have a question for you, Liz, if you have time. I am an avid mystery reader--Martha Grimes is my favorite. In her Richard Jury novels, one of the characters is always eating beans and toast. We don't have this in the US, and I've always wondered what it was.

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