Thursday, May 22, 2008

My mum

When I tried to upload photos into the previous post, it messed up my line spacing - thank you, blogger - so these photos will have their own post.

My mum was in the WAAF during the second world war. She spent some time in Egypt and was a staff sergeant (possibly - my memory is a little wibbly wobbly).

I don't know who the man is in the second photo but he appears in a number of photos in her old album. I'm guessing he is the man with whom she was in love but who was killed. I only know this much because my uncle told me about him. I was just 19 when my mother died and, as she'd had to go out to work to keep me, I was mostly raised by my grandmother. My mum left for work early in the morning and wasn't home until the evening. I hardly knew her.

Today isn't a special day for precious memories: I have very few. It's just a day when I happened to notice the date.


MissKris said...

My dad was stationed in northern England during WWII. He was in the Air Corps and his job was to load bombs onto the planes. I have pictures of him with an unnamed woman while he was there. I'd heard he'd had a sweetheart while he was stationed there and I'm assuming it was her. All my life he never said much of anything about his youth or his time in the war. It broke my heart that, when I asked him not long before he died "Why didn't you ever tell us?" he told me, "Because you never asked." Well, in all honesty, he just wasn't very forthcoming about much of of that generation just weren't. My mom told me more, but in my youth I never thought to write it down. I lost her when I was 35 and now I wish I had written down those family stories! She was such an enigma, tho...both my parents were mysteries to me, Liz, and I lived with both of them! When you say you were mainly raised by your Grandma, she must've done an amazing are an absolutely lovely person, inside and out! (((((HUG)))))

Suburbia said...

It must have been hard for her to leave you to go out to work. I count my blessings that I have been lucky enough to have had the choice.
They are lovely pictures

leslie said...

I didn't get to know my Dad or his "inner self" until last summer, shortly before he died. Who knows why that generation was so closed-minded about things, especially their feelings. I agree with misskris that your grandmother did a wonderful job raising you, especially with that sense of humour you have.

jmb said...

I'm sure she would have loved to have stayed home and looked after you instead, she did what she had to do for you all to survive. Such a shame when she died young as well. Lovely photos and wonderful tribute below.

Joy Des Jardins said...

These are wonderful pictures Liz. It's a difficult situation when you never really got to know your mom...I'm sure it was something she thought about many times and did the best she could under the circumstances. What a wonderful woman your grandmother must have been....look at the person you became.

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