Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A live wire

Of an evening Husband sometimes likes to relax on the sofa and listen to some music. He decided this was how he'd spend Bank Holiday Monday evening before having to set off early the following morning, but where there should have been music was a deathly silence.

A little investigation showed this to be down to an eaten-off plug. This raises several questions:
a) How did George get behind the sofa? It's up against the wall and he's quite large now.
b) How did he get behind the sofa without us noticing? He's not allowed in there on his own - unless he went there when younger Son was in charge.
c) Why? This question and George go together like rain and Wales.
d) Most importantly, how did he manage to avoid being electrocuted? The plug was in the socket and, unlike the phone charger, switched on.

At least it answers the question, 'What's this plug from?'