Thursday, May 01, 2008

Is that real?

On Tuesday I made a cake to take to Zac's. It had been April's birthday the previous week and her story and her tale of knocking down a would-be mugger really captured my imagination so I thought I'd take her a belated birthday cake.

While she's at Zac's for breakfast every day she'd only just started coming to the Bible study so I knew she might not be there. She wasn't.

Sean said not to worry as it was Ruby's birthday that day and, if she came, it could be her cake. She didn't come.

We ate the cake anyway.

And it was interesting. I overheard two comments.

Steve said it was the first time he'd had fresh cream since the night before his bypass operation. Hm, slightly worrying.

And someone else said they only had fresh cream at Christmas. Just a tiny thing but I think it demonstrates the enormous gulf there could be between some of us. But I don't think there is; I hope there's not.