Monday, May 12, 2008

But I'm not the only one

I finally get to work this morning two hours late.

My boss is there. She is involved in fisticuffs with mobile phone operators. When she finishes she is going through the numbers on her phone and discovers she has two Lizes. 'Which one is you?'
'I don't know.'
'Well, what's your mobile number?'
'I don't know.'

We have a little think. Jan says, 'Phone me then I'll have your number.' We have her number because it's written on the wall so I ring that. Nothing happens. We realise neither of us has a signal.

If I get very close to the window I can get a weak signal. Jan says, 'Phone the office and I'll do 1471 to get your number,' but before I can do that, my signal disappears.

We go out into the car park and wander round trying to get a signal. I get one under the tree and dial the office. We rush back upstairs before anyone else can phone and ruin all our good work. By the time we get up there, both of our phones have a signal. We come to the conclusion it must have been a passing aeroplane diverting the waves.

Now the only number I don't have is mine.


MissKris said...

I have soooooooooo many numbers on automatic dial! I don't know anyone's numbers by heart anymore. I had to sit down and force myself to memorize my cell phone number because I was becoming horribly embarrassed when people would ask me what it is and I wouldn't know! And I've yet to figure out how to retrieve voice mail on our cell. I hardly ever use it. I don't like them. I'm archaic, I know, but I'm just not all that thrilled with modern technology. Outside of my computer, ha! Whoa to this world if the entire computer system ever goes kaput. Could you imagine going back to hand-written bookkeeping?!

leslie said...

That's so frustrating - I either can't get a signal or else I hear myself talking a half beat behind myself. Now THAT is annoying!

jmb said...

I thought this was really funny because when I first got my cell phone I had the number stuck on the side of the phone. Of course I hardly ever turn it on so couldn't tell anyone the number without doing this.

Suburbia said...

Liz, your life is becoming more sureal by the minute!!!

Winston said...

I've never heard of anyone having so many cell phone problems. What is a 1471? Funny how just a few years ago we didn't even have these things, and now they are so central to everything we do...

Further on up the road said...

You can often find your number out on the phone. Look for something in the settings menu like phone status or the like.

What model it is? You might be able to search the internet for a user guide to help.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

No, you're not the only one!

Liz said...

Kris, Husband bought me a mobile because the car kept breaking down - but half the time I don't know where it is.

leslie, i certainly don't talk on it!

jmb, that's a good idea. I might do that.

suburbia, surreal? Moi?

look, winston, I avoid using my mobile as far as I can. It was my boss's fault, honest! If you dial 1471, a nice lady, who has been listening to your calls, tells you who was the last person to call you.

I tried that, furtheron, and, hey, guess what? I have games and all sorts of things! But couldn't find my number. But it's all right as I have it written down in my little book, which is somewhere safe.

welshcakes, some of us are too ethereal to be part of the real world.

Katney said...

But does Jan have it? You could ask her.

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