Thursday, May 01, 2008

I don't believe it!

Without wishing to sound too much like Victor Meldrew, I really don't believe it!

Husband just phoned me. He works away Monday to Thursday and phones me about this time of an evening. WE talked about the weather and football (?) and just as we were about to say goodnight he casually says, 'Oh, by the way, I'm off on a jolly on 24th June.'
'You're not serious?'
'Yes, 24th to 25th, I'm off on a corporate jolly somewhere in Oxfordshire.'
'You're not serious?'

It's our anniversary on 24th June. This year is our 30th anniversary. On our 25th, our silver, wedding anniversary, Husband went away to play with marines. He left the night before our anniversary and returned the day after. He stayed in a posh hotel and ate a lovely meal on our anniversary.

This year, our pearl anniversary he's going to be in a posh hotel enjoying himself.
'Well, it's a Tuesday. I wouldn't have been at home anyway. Did you think I would be?'
'I thought you might take time off for our anniversary.'

And, anyway, it's the principle of the thing. Him off out enjoying himself without me. Okay we don't make a big thing of anniversaries; all we normally do is exchange a card. Do we go out for a meal? I can't even remember that. But it's the principle. Isn't it?!


Suburbia said...

Its my anniversary on 24th June too! We've only notched up a mere (hang on can't remember) think it's 12!
Didn't read all your post, sorry! just go too excited about sharing the date!
What I was here for though was to say, is google talk compatable with MSN?
Going to bed now, 'see' you tomorrow.

Liz said...

What is google talk?

jmb said...

Well could you go along on the jolly too? (What's a jolly? A jolly good time I guess at someone else's expense! Or some course I suppose.)

Google talk is a great little Instant Messaging program. You can download it from here . I have had some good conversations with people using it. You just type your messages in turn. You can see if the person is online and you send them a message. It pops up on their screen with a little sound and then you can start exchanging messages. You can try it with me.

CalumCarr said...


I think what gets to you is that you really do believe it.

One of the worlds romantics, your H.

leslie said...

Why not join him in the posh hotel in Oxfordshire? Take the train and get there first - then when he enters the room, he'll see why it was worth your coming. *giggle*

Use your imagination! heh

Further on up the road said...

As a man can I take the 5th on this?

No comment....

I was on a jolly, sorry I mean speaking at an influential and important conference on my daughters birthday last year. You think I'd killed young children or something equally diabolical. I drove back from Warwick as soon as I could and just got to Pizza Hut to make the order for her meal and all was restored.

Semaj Mahgih said...

Ah, the eternal and traditional issue, Liz. Still, you have us, for what it's worth.

Suburbia said...

LIZ HAVE YOU HAD A LOOK at the talk thing YET?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I envy you having someone who is yours the rest of the time, Liz!

Liz said...

Yes, jmb, a jolly is a day's event/activity (golf, outdoor pursuits, that sort of thing) followed by meal and night in posh hotel.

I already have windows messenger (MSN) but i could download that one too.

Calum, he is indeed.

leslie, pah, I'll have my own celebration!

furtheron, you were lucky there.

james, I do indeed, thankfully.

welshcakes, I know. I am very fortunate and happy. We just joke about this really, mainly because it happened on our 25th as well. It gives me something to grumble about at regular and frequent intervals!

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