Thursday, December 13, 2007

People we saw

Driving through town I saw a man crossing the road. He was wearing a pale turquoise-blue shell suit: I was sure it was Mutley. I waved to him but he showed no sign of recognising me so maybe it wasn't. Or maybe he didn't want to damage his image by waving to me.

Then I saw a young woman in white hipster jeans and an orange t-shirt that ended at her navel. I became my granny. 'You will so get a cold in your kidleys, my girl.'

Finally, when Betty and I were sitting at traffic lights a porsche pulled up behind us. 'Don't worry, Betty,' I said, 'he's a very much younger cousin of yours. Just because he's driven by Mr Cool, with shades on and the roof down doesn't mean anything. I'm cool the instant I sit in you.' I didn't add that might have something to do with the gap around the door frame; like all women, she's very sensitive about her condition.


Joy Des Jardins said...

Some very interesting days can be had from 'people watching.' Leads to some great conversations.

Gledwood said...

Wearing a turquoise shellsuit yet didn't want to spoil his image: isn't that a slight contradiction in terms~?!?

Liz said...

It's very distracting though sometimes, joy!

You'll have to read Mutley's blog, gleds. His favourite item of clothing is a lime-green woolly.

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