Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I probably shouldn't use this socket again.


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Whatever did you do?

Liz said...

It wasn't me! It did it on its own.

MaryB said...

Um, no, Liz. But I'm sure you'll think of something creative to do with it!

leslie said...


Anonymous said...

Oh no!!!!

Ole Phat Stu said...

What interesting wallpaper!
Isn't George housetrained yet? ;-)

Shades said...

The socket scraping spings have been a smidge too loose and it has caused localised heating/arcing. The plug should be thrown away as well.

Gledwood said...

What on EARTH happened there?

I'd get it professionally disconnected and permanently turned off, let alone not using it!!


DeeJay said...

Don't use it unless you want to get an instant perm!

Liz said...

Stick a bit of holly in it, do you think, maryb? Or mistletoe for the mice?

Leslie, I had the tumble dryer going and I went in the kitchen to find a dreadful smell and a very hot plug. I was very brave and switched it off!

Amanda, oh, yes!!

Do you mind Stu, that is my creativity in practice!

That's more or less what Husband said when I emailed him the photo, shades. I still think I was very brave.

Me too, gledwood, but Husband is much calmer about it. Admittedly he's not here so it all could be a mysterious murder plan...!!!

I'm not planning to, deejay! I have enough trouble straightening my hair as it is.

Further on up the road said...

I'm with the - get someone in to look at it and get it replaced.

We had one in our kitchen that sort of went like that - not as bad. It was a fault in the socket so once new one in we never had another problem. Well apart from I failed to earth it properly so if you touched the sink and the washing machine you got a shock.... oppps!

Mrs F insists on professionals now when it's anything like this. Probably best.

dabrah said...

That's really scary!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

No, don't! Things like that happen to me, too!

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