Monday, December 03, 2007

Little and large (and even larger)

As I said, Daughter and Son-in-law were down for the weekend for Husband's birthday. They brought with them Holly Dog and Charlie Cat.

We used to think that Holly was small!


Puss-in-Boots said...

Just been catching up, Liz. It's all I seem to be doing lately.

Loved the look of the luscious cheesecake and how nice of your daughter to cook the beef Wellington, being vegetarian and all.

I think that eventually, George will outgrow Holly...

Enjoy your week and belated birthday greetings to your husband.

jmb said...

Mmm, you smell good says George. Have you been cooking me something?
I'm sure Holly will be the small one in the not too distant future.

leslie said...

What a sweet photo - love the look on George's face. I think he's in love! ;D

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Aaaah, again!

Anonymous said...

Did you not know that puppies grow bigger? I think you are in for some surprises then...

Elsie said...

Did George and Holly become friends?

DeeJay said...

Youngest son and 'Daughter almost in law'have just acquired 3 cats.
When I asked what they had called them I was told: -
- Deeley (that one was easy)
- Ceefer (Hmm I had to give in on that one - "C for cat"!!
- Nelly - OK I am getting in the swing of this now "Nelly Furtado"!

Liz said...

I need to be catching up too, robyn. It's always good to see you whenever.

I think George will be bigger than holly but probably not as big as Harvey was.

Leslie & welshcakes, aah and sweet indeed! I've just had to shut him in the kitchen again as he wouldn't stop eating my chair!

they don't, do they, mutley?

Elsie, see my next post!

DJ, good names!

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