Thursday, December 13, 2007

I shouldn't have mentioned the dragons

Although I think it was the pirates that did it.

We've just been for a nice meander around the old adventure playground that isn't there any more. With George sticking to my heels closer than ... um ... I'll come back to that when I've thought of an appropriate simile (simile?)... I told him about the real adventures we would have.

'We'll fight pirates!'
'Okay, we'll sail the nine seas (there are more continents than I thought so there must be more seas) with pirates and visit treasure islands and play in the sand. We'll have tea and cake with hobbits. We'll meet dragons ...'
'... and have deep philosophical discussions. We'll drink blackberry wine and dance with fairies.'
'That sounds a bit girly.'
'Okay, we'll swim down the Amazon.'
'What about the crocodiles?'
'They don't have crocodiles in our Amazon; that's only in the real Amazon. We'll ... well, tell me what would you like to do?'
'Have a treat?'

He is only little. He will be a hero when he grows up. We will have adventures.