Wednesday, December 19, 2007

forgetting things

It's all very well taking a list with you when you go shopping but if you don't look at it then you're going to forget things. Similarly if you don't look at the 'things we need' list stuck on the fridge before you go, then you're going to forget things.

Plus I was pretty fed up to discover that Homebase had finished selling Christmas decorations. So, like, everyone's got their decorations up already then?

So not an altogether successful shopping trip but I have made a decision and that's given me a bit more time. My life - probably like yours - is concertina-ed at the moment: lots and lots in a small space. It's the last Zac's before Christmas tonight; it's also the prison carol service beforehand so I've decided to skip the prison. It would mean leaving George alone for a long time otherwise. And that gives me a bit more time to ... get the tree decorated.