Sunday, December 16, 2007

For the sake of a hook

Big clean-up operation today ready for getting Christmas trees tomorrow. We're getting there but my head has been buzzing with blog posts all day so I'm grabbing this chance before showering to go out to a friend's for a meal this evening to spill my brain.

Part of the clean-up involved hanging photos. Husband drills holes in the wall and I take on the role of lovely assistant holding the hoover attachment nozzle underneath the drill to catch the dust. I took up position today and he started drilling. I have done this many times so am quite expert at it, thus it was that I was puzzled as the dust seemed to be flying everywhere except into the hoover. I jiggled it around a bit and then Husband said, 'It might work better if you switched it on.'


Dragonstar said...

I love-it-love-it-love-it! That used to be my job, too, but now youngest son does the drilling and OH holds the nozzle (I think it's a man thing!)
Exactly the same thing happened here last week, except that it was OH himself who finally noticed the reason for the lack of suction.
And by the way - kettles work best when they're switched on, too!

Amanda said...

That made me laugh too - so funny that forgot put a new bag in the hoover!

Liz said...

I passed a house yesterday and, through the window, saw a similar situation being played out. I almost knocked on the door and asked them to check!

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