Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The dress

Zac's was great last night. Lots of people expressed some very wise things from a variety of perspectives but I don't want to talk about that; I want to talk about the dress.

On my way to Zac's I pass a posh frock shop and the dress is currently in its window.

It's strapless and full, in a deep shade of wine red. It's a princess dress, a dress of a little girl's dream. (Or maybe a slightly bigger girl.) It's beautiful and I want it. For no reason other than to be a princess and to dance at a ball. And to run away when the clock strikes midnight.

The closest I ever came to wearing a ball gown was to an event with Husband's work a few years ago. (And incidentally, Husband laughed when he saw my fluffy thing.)
It's nice to go glam every once in a while.


Anonymous said...

Look at you!

take a photo of the dress, or try it on or just buy it!

I dont' own a dress, handbag or shoes I'm a complete disgrace!!

leslie said...

Oh you DO look glam there! And I love your hairdo - did you have it done or do it yourself?

Yes, take a photo of the dress and superimpose your face! Try's fun to do and we'll all be jealous thinking you actually bought it and had someplace to wear it. Well, you could wear it New Year's Eve!

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