Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Strictly Dancing

We attended Alun's 50th birthday party a week or two ago (we didn't stay long as George was on his own). During the evening I tried to persuade one young man to learn to dance.

I told him, 'You could be a short, fat, cross-eyed Greek* but if you can lead a woman around the dance floor, you'll be in demand.'

Dance classes should be part of the national curriculum. Not an optional extra but as compulsory as Maths and English. Even with the current interest in Strictly Come Dancing, dance classes are still depressingly bereft of young people. It's only old people, like me, who have suddenly realised what they're missing.

Husband and I started going for dance lessons (*with a short, fat, cross-eyed Greek teacher) before Daughter's wedding as she wanted a swing band at the reception. We haven't been able to continue as Husband works away so much - and we've probably forgotten most of what we learned - but we would love to take it up again.

Even though we attended for quite a while, we're still very much beginners - how the amateurs on SCD manage to pick it up so quickly and so well is amazing - and have to stop and start again. Even counting ourselves in can be fraught as Husband takes so long and I just want to get going. Oh, yes, I should say, if you're married or a couple and thinking of learning to dance, make sure your relationship is VERY strong before you begin. The number of evenings we came home from dance class arguing ...

But the pleasure of the rhythm and the movement and occasionally getting it right: mmm, yes. And I have to say, as woman, that being led around a dance floor by a man who knows what he is doing and who is holding you tight and almost carrying you, is just wonderful; you can imagine you're Rogers with Astaire, or Fonteyn with Nureyev - or Morecambe with Wise (when it's me and Husband).

And, after all, the rumba - the 'come on' - and the tango - climatic - originated in South America, developed by a hot-blooded, passionate people. There's nothing tame about these dances: they stir the emotions to become a potent simmering brew of sex on the dance floor - when done properly.

When done by Husband and me, it's a different story.

It's hard to look seductive when your lips are moving - 1-2-3-pause, 1-2-3-pause - and your own eyes are crossed with the effort of concentration.


Ellee Seymour said...

My husband has two left feet and I love dancing. My mother's favourite show is Strictly Come Dancing and I am taking her to see the show on tour as a Xmas present in January.

leslie said...

I love that show - well, I did when I was over there last year. We get the American version called "Dancing With the Stars" and I watch it faithfully. Well, it's over now for the season but it was amazing fun. I'd love to be able to do that, too, but I've two left feet. You should see me trying to follow the choreography at my step class! :-(

4kidsandadog said...

My grandparents used to Dance, my nan used to make her own dresses. Unfortunetly I have'nt inherited her dancing or sewing skills!!!

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