Monday, October 29, 2007

Why do they do it to me?

When I worked (before children) I gave a lift everyday to a friend. He used to claim that I had 'Sucker' written on my forehead in the sort of ink that only other drivers can see. That was the only reason he could think of why every - and I mean every - car would pull out in front of me instead of the sales rep's car or the taxi or the bus.

And now in these days of Big Brother, I can only assume that my file that circulates virtuality has 'Sucker' stamped on the front in big black print.

In the last three days I've received two packs of Christmas cards, one from the foot and mouth people and one from someone else whose name escapes me. The return envelope included is only large enough for a donation - not to return the cards. I refuse to be coerced into buying cards I don't want and I don't see why I should go out of my way to find an envelope and pay postage to return them.

On the other hand I would feel too guilty if I used them so they are destined to go into my 'card box' until I die. And I'll still feel guilty.

But not that much.

P.S. I do buy charity Christmas cards but they're ones of my choosing, and I know the foot and mouth artists are very clever but I just don't like their cards. And now I feel bad about that. Which is stupid and disablist.


Anna said...

You should look them up and email them... ask them to take your name off their list and suggest that they make envelopes big enough for cards in future. I would be cross if they were sent to me, as well!

jams o donnell said...

We get our fair share of unsolicited items from charities too. All it does is make us less likely to support the charity. I know that sounds rotten but we don't care for unolicitied gifts

Further on up the road said...

Hmm- I have bought a bunch of charity raffle tickets recently that have been sent to me.

Like you say "sucker" in large letters.

I like to support things where I can but sometimes it just seems to be everyone all the time.

Anonymous said...

I thought you meant it was a charity for victims of foot and mouth disease...

Gledwood said...

Why don't you write back to them telling them what you think of their moves?

You could use the tiny envelope for that!!

Far as I know the law regarding unsolicited goods is that you must write to them informing them you don't want their stuff. It is then up to them to arrange delivery back to their address. If they don't do this (within a "reasonable" time... I can't remember how long or whether it is just "reasonable" time, the stuff is yours to keep - charity or not.

I'm sorry but I really don't see how such emotional blackmail can possibly be construed as "charity"...

jmb said...

There you are not to feel guilty at all. I receive the same cards but do not use them either since they are not attractive. Besides I do Unicef cards.
What really annoys me is the charities I do support once or twice a year who send me letters monthly and all I can think of is they are wasting part of my money on postage and envelopes for ten months of the year.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You are projecting the words on your forehead to all of cyberspace. I can just imagine what you’ll now be receiving. (This comes from me as a life-long do-gooder and unrepentant sucker).

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I used to feel exactly the same in Britain. You should have a choice in what cards you buy. I once even took the trouble to look up the law on this and, because you didn't ask for them, you are under no obligation to send them back. Like you, I used to feel guilty about the idea of using them! Here nobody bothers with Xmas cards - which is very miserable of them - so we don't get this problem.

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