Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who'd have thought it?

On the Sabbath try and make no noise that goes beyond your house.

Cries of passion between lovers are exempt.

St Thomas Aquinas


Anonymous said...


I'm sure I read something about Sunday schools and how this was the only way that parents with lots of kids used to get any time together! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Its sounds like a nice idea - I am not busy this Sunday... or the one after come to think of it.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Old Tom of Aquino actually wrote that? I have gained new respect for the dude!

Stu said...

Presumably that includes the involuntary choirboy?

Further on up the road said...

Yep only recently did I realise why my parents insisted on us going to Sunday school and regretted my liberal non-religious position we took with our kids.... i.e. no baptisms etc. "It's their choice when they are older"

Most noise from our house on a Sunday is normally me shouting at the TV during some sporting event, motor racing, motorbikes, rugby, .... etc.

Still Mrs F and I have been married 22+ years and are "old fogeies" (i.e. over 40 according to our daughter) or "surely can't want to do that any more!" again a daughter quote

Joy Des Jardins said...

Well, it's nice to know the guidelines Liz. Some religions don't permit work of any kind on the lifting, pushing, turning anything on or off....hmmm, I wonder if this would qualify.

MaryB said...

Wow. Hm. Pretty good advice, I'd say. Can you let the guy with the outta control car alarm right outside my window in on it?

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have to wait until our 17-year old son goes out for a bike ride while 15-year old son is at school if we want to enjoy proceedings!

That or soundproof our bedroom.

How any married couple can enjoy lovemaking and remain silent is beyond me.

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