Saturday, October 06, 2007

The lesser of two

I can't decide which is worse:

having to pluck hairs from my chin;

or the fact that they're white.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Our circuit trainer's wife had her first baby yesterday morning. A bonny boy they're calling Malachi Elijah (yes, I know he will thank his parents for that when he has to spell his name for everyone!) Baby's arrival and the fact that our trainer had been up all night and all day didn't stop him from taking our circuit last night though. Driving home afterwards I was, quite naturally, thinking about babies.

Having babies was all I ever really wanted to do. If I could have made a career of it, I would have. (But Husband withdrew his labour.) Being pregnant was the one thing in life I was really good at. I loved it.

The absolute best time of all was lying in the bath, watching my tummy be pushed this way and that by the tiny being inside me. Sweet times.


Anonymous said...

I feel really sick for the first few months, and very tired for the last few months! I do enjoy the few months inbetween where I'm not vomiting, or falling asleep and not to fat! I think that when they start to move it suddenly hits you thats its real, there's a little person in there :0)

Elsie said...

I loved being pregnant, too. The time I enjoyed most was also watching my baby do his dance and to see the delight on husband's face as he watched, too. We got a late start and only managed to have two. I always wished I could have had at least one more, but I'm forever grateful for the two beauties I was blessed with.

MissKris said...

Actually, Malachi Elijah isn't all THAT bad. I was reading the other day of a baby born in Chicago and his parents who are ardent Cubs baseball fans named him Wrigley Alexander Fields. The stadium the Cubs play in is Wrigley Field, ack!!!! I sure hope they end up calling HIM by his middle name, poor child!!!!

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