Thursday, October 04, 2007

James tells us that now not only do we have spam, we have bacn.

For the last three days I have had bacon butties for lunch. Now before you say that it's no wonder I'm not losing weight, let me reassure you: bacon, just like Denmark, has Nil Points - on a Red Day. Bacon, tomato sauce and white bread.

I wrote a story in my head on holiday. Now I'm home, and I have some time in which to write, I'm too scared to start putting it on paper (screen) because I know it won't live up to my hopes. And I can't remember how it started.

Can you tell my mood has not improved?

Good job I'm eating out with others tonight; that will cheer me up. And tomorrow is another day.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your meal out. Tomorrow is another day :0)

lady macleod said...

Ernest Hemingway while not much of a role model in how to live a happy life, was a talented writer. He said, "the first draft of anything is shit, so you may as well go ahead and write it." I have this on the wall above where I write - EVERYWHERE I go. So go ahead!

Anonymous said...

I've got around to answering your questions about home ed. hth

Lee said...

Say "G'day" to Welsh for me when you meet up with her, Liz. :)

I've been thinking about making myself a BLT this afternoon...and I think now you've convinced me, Liz!

mdmhvonpa said...

Heh ... Bacn ... love it.

Ever hear of Scrapple?

Lord Higham-Johnson said...


Liz said...

4kids, I did enjoy my meal and feel much better today!

Lady M, I had better stick that on my wall too.

Hope you enjoyed your BLT, lee.


:) to you too, James

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