Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's like having a toddler again

When I go to the toilet, Cleo sits outside and scratches the door. She's settled down at night now though. The first couple of mornings we thought she'd wee'd on the kitchen floor but we decided it was slobber from her panting and trying to dig her way out.

She is the pantiest dog I've ever met. She rarely wees, not needing to as most of the fluid drips off her tongue. She's very sweet though.

She carries her stick all the time when we're out. I say, 'Let me carry it for you; I won't throw it.' But she doesn't trust me. She says, 'I'm not giving it to you; you'll throw it again.' Or rather she says, 'Iuumm nurhn, girbbing i t uuu etc' because she has a stick in her mouth.

Her paw is all right now but her mouth is bleeding. But what can you expect when you chew sticks? It's a good job Linda is back on Sunday. Cleo'd be a wreck if she had to stay with me any longer. (She's a bit of a pampered pooch at home.)


Elsie said...

Hershey and both children all must have toilet radar. It's not just toddlers who sit outside the bathroom door!

Alex who own the human Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Cleo sounds like a nice doggy—as doggies go.

You wrote to me that the human I own needs a woman. Pleeeeze don’t give him ideas like that. I require most of his time to do my bidding. I n=do not need him distracted by some human female. OK?

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