Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In which Cleo has me sussed

Cleo has me sussed. 'If I keep the stick in my mouth then she can't throw it for me and her cunning plan to wear me out won't work, tee hee!'

On our way back from the woods we cross what I think must once have been an orchard; there are still a few apple trees there that crop heavily. Under one of the non-apple trees we found these mushrooms.

No-one could claim that we live in the countryside but it makes me feel like a real country girl, oh arr, to be able to gather mushrooms on our morning walk. (And I know they're safe to eat as Husband ate some at the weekend.)
* * * * * * * * * *
We pass a car on our way home. Its bumper sticker reads, 'Women of the earth reclaiming birth.' I didn't realise anyone was trying to take it away from us. Underneath the main legend it says, 'Hypnobirthing.' Whatever.


Anonymous said...

lol @ hubby testing the mushrooms!!!

Sophie (our dog) just sits down she's huge so I give in first!!

I think 'birthing' has now become quite a big business also think that there is now a huge amount of pressure to have a 'perfect' birth.

Liz said...

A perfect birth? I can't say I enjoyed labour or that the births were perfect but they were pretty damn good.

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