Sunday, October 14, 2007

Especially for jmb

The rather lovely Johnny Wilkinson - and I heard him being interviewed today and he is just as lovely as he looks. xx


jmb said...

Now that's better.
He didn't say um and ah and right every two seconds? Gorgeous even if he doesn't open his mouth.
Thanks for thinking of me.

Why is Gledwood mocking me? He told me he liked my new photo now he thinks I look hypnotized!

jmb said...

Does he look as if he's on steroids to you? Do those rugby players get tested although they seem to manage to get around them anyway on the whole?

Liz said...

All the drug testing done at the world cup so far has proved negative. And Johnny wouldn't anyway!

elsie said...

Nice, but he's no Tommy ;)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...


Liz said...

Tommy?! Huh, he can't hold a candle to our Johnny! (Notice how I suddenly adopt an Englishman as mine? I have no principles when it comes to good-loking rugby players.)

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