Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dave and the Archers

'Mum, can I ...'
'Be quiet! Get out! Can't you see I'm listening the Archers!'

No longer will that scenario take place in our house. No longer will I have to plan meals around the sacred time of 7.00 pm. Not now I can sign up for the Archers podcast and it will be sent to me daily!

I've signed up. I think. I seem to have lost it already. But it must be there somewhere.

So, Welshcakes, you need never miss an episode again. Or any other number of programmes. It's so exciting. Almost as exciting as watching Dave last night.

Husband was channel-hopping when he came across QI. We settled down to watch it and after a while I said, 'Why has it got Dave written in the corner of the screen?' Husband didn't know.

Today I mentioned it to both sons, both of whom knew. It's a new channel. Called Dave.

Of course it is.


leslie said...

Eewww...horrid nasty slug, one of the few creatures I cannot abide.

I heard your "Strictly Come Dancing" has started up again. The American version is into its 4th week now and is great. When I was there last year, I watched your SCD every night with my friends and kept up online when I got home to see who won. I must check it out again.

Stu said...

Which Dave?
The one from Odyssey 2001 who disappeared into the monolith?

Unpremeditated said...

Ah ... lover of podcasts though I be I'm not sure I could easily give up my 7.02pm Archers hit.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Liz. Yes, I saw that on the Archers website last night! Now I am definitely going to get the ipod with my supermarket points! How can I contain my excitement?!!

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