Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Curious Incident

... of the Dog in the Night-time is currently being read on Oneword Radio (on digital).

They have an exceptionally talented young actor reading the story narrated by the boy with Asperger's. If you've read the book - or even if you haven't - you might like to listen to it at some point. It's on several times during the day and the schedules are on the internet.


jmb said...

That's too bad Liz that I live outside the range. Can you get it on the internet? I loved that book, read it when it first came out then we did it in my book club later on.

Liz said...

Yes, jmb, I think it is available on the internet. We read it in book club too. It's a wonderful book.

Anonymous said...

It is a wonderful book, I have 2 boys with A.. Its one of the few books that is very true. I think there is a version for children too.

Liz said...

I think it was written as a children's book originally and then got taken up by adults. I think it's just the covers that are different: that's the cover of the children's edition.

Further on up the road said...

my wife read this and said that for anyone who has any contact with kids like this it was essential reading.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

yes, jmb. You can get it on the net - just search for bbc radio 4. HEy, Liz, in 2 days I can listen to R4 "for real"!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

sorry - I thought you meant it was on R4. The post keeps disappearing.

Lee said...

Thanks for the "head's up", Liz. I'll see if I can locate it.

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