Monday, October 15, 2007

... Chicken, lay a little egg for me

The lovely James has mentioned me in his blogfocus this week. I'm not entirely sure it's complimentary but I will take it to be anyway.

Another of his posts looks at comparative food prices where he is and where we are. One of the foods he enquires about is the simple egg. Except it's anything but simple when I go to buy them in Sainsburys.

The egg shelf is the one place that is guaranteed to get me standing there muttering to myself. 'For goodness' sake.'

All I want is 6 large free-range eggs. I'm offered: woodland, organic woodland, barn, organic barn, eggs rich in omega-something, golden-yolked, rare breeds' eggs, brown, Old Cotswold, Prince-Charles-hand-picked-these-eggs.

I start to hyperventilate, grab anything that says 6 and large, and move on. (I'll worry later about what I'm going to do with a pack of condoms.) And don't get me started about bread ...


Anonymous said...

The lovely James has mentioned me in his blogfocus this week. I'm not entirely sure it's complimentary

I don't think anybody ever is ;-)

Winston said...

Weird... We have eggs, large and medium, and that's the end of that. But bread, another story...

The absolute worst is cereal. It is the only product or genre of products that take an entire aisle at the supermarket, from front to rear. Hundreds of choices...

Sabine said...

Hahahaaa! This is hilarious - thank you for the nice little giggle on a grey Monday! :D

You should come to Malta... No eggstraordinary stuff to cause hyperventilation: one size fits all, sometimes larger, sometimes smaller, but the price is always the same. ;)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I'm sure it's a compliment, Liz! We don't have that difficulty with eggs here. All are fresh and local and only 2 sizes to worry about.

jmb said...

Well yes that is a problem, isn't it? Bread the mind boggles and even rice. I personally have in my cupboard six different kinds of rice. I'll bet the Chinese don't have six different kinds of rice in their cupboard.

Liz said...

Now isn't that interesting that everyone else only has size to worry about? They all taste the same anyway.

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