Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bread, but not as you know it, Jim

Last week I went to a fund-raising meal in aid of Zac's Place. As the price was a bit out of their range for most of the Zac's regulars, Wendy, one of Zac's Girls, suggested we have a soup and bread evening tonight so that people can contribute whatever pennies they can spare.

I said I'd make some bread. Not as noble as it sounds as I have a bread-making machine. I made a cheese and onion loaf in it but I thought for the other one, I'd do a shaped olive loaf. The machine does the mixing and kneading; I just finish it off, shape it and leave it to rise before cooking in the proper oven. I'd never tried this before. I probably should have tried on an occasion when it didn't matter if it went wrong. It's a bit like my bottom: spread and flabby rather than risen and firm.
I might have to go to Zac's via the supermarket.