Sunday, October 14, 2007

Better safe than sorry

When I'm showering and I'm in the house alone, I lock the bedroom door. I would hate for a burglar to walk in on me in the shower.

It's the same principle that makes me wear knickers under my nightie when Husband is away - no, wait let me explain. If I had to confront a burglar I would feel so terribly vulnerable without my knickers. Although the sight of me in the middle of the night in my nightie would probably scare the burglar so much he'd fall down the stairs, break a leg and sue me.

A man came to work on Friday to quote for putting safety film on the windows. He said he does a lot of work in schools and for the police and if, for example, a schoolboy, in a fit of pique punched a window, broke it and cut his hand, he could sue the school for not having safety glass. How ridiculous is that?

The game between England and France is about to begin ...


Gledwood said...

Could sue... but would he win?


MissKris said...

When I'm at home alone with the baby during the day, my doors are all locked. Chloe barks up a storm whenever anyone comes up on the porch, so I'm well forewarned before anyone even gets to the door, ha! I peek thru the curtains and if I don't know who it is I don't open it. If I didn't invite them, I don't want them coming by, ha! Selfish ol' broad, aren't I? But in this day and age, in this world...better safe than sorry, eh? I hope your team wins, Liz!!!! :-D

Lee said...

It is such a sad blot on today's society that such safety measures have to be taken. I remember growing up when we never locked up wonderful it would be to have those times back again, here, in 2007.

I'm not the nervous type, which is probably a good thing seeing I've lived alone for so many years, and I lived alone on an island. I'd strike first and ask questions later! ;)

Lee said...

Well, Johnny Wilkinson showed his skill, expertise and magic once again and put England into the Final of the World Cup! Good for them!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

One can never be too secure, can one?

MaryB said...

Even in Atlanta, I kept the doors locked when we were home (and obviously, when we weren't home). Even though Bailey is a great early warning system, I'm sure if anyone actually got inside, she's just roll over for 'em!

JRD168 said...

Mrs D is usually very keen on doors being locked and the like. Imagine her horror, when i left the house one day to pick her up form work, and left the front door wide open. No-one came in and nothing was stolen! Perhaps we worry to much, and you can leave your doors open still, or perhaps I was just lucky!

jams o donnell said...

Hmm anyone looks at the state of our living room and they'd think we'd a;ready been burgled!

Anonymous said...

I keep doors locked, a habit from when J was little - he used to escape! I have a big dog with a loud bark. We have a sign that says 'Beware of the children!'

Security knickers did make me giggle!

Rugby - I was surprised to see the teams fully clothed ;0)

Shades said...

Sneak-in burglaries are all too common where we live and probably everywhere else for that matter. These new estates tend to only have mortice locks when a Yale on a sneck would be a very sensible edition.

Mimi Lenox said...

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Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh yes, you must have your knickers on to greet a burglar! I'm always amazed at friends who don't lock their front doors from the inside, however many people are at home, though.

fake consultant said...

actually, the film has another useful purpose: in a storm, it might help keep a window from shattering if hit by a flying object, such as a tree limb.

the video from your posting above suggests you have substantial windstorms in the wintertime, thus my comment.

Liz said...

Gledwood, sad to say I think he would win.

Kris, I've been known to duck under the desk when I spot a Jehovah's Witness coming. I'll probably get one visiting me now. Last time I mentioned JWs on my blog I got a reply from one. they must have a system set up to pick up any mentions.

Lee, our front door was always open. Anyone could come and go. And did.

Nick, I'm afraid not.

Maryb, Harvey was like that. He might have drowned them in slobbery kisses though.

jrd, don't tell anyone but I have been known to go out and leave doors open. And in fact I leave a key hidden ...

jams, I know that feeling!

4kids, I hope your children have watched and absorbed Home Alone. Some good anti-thief measures in that.

Shades, what is a sneck?

Welshcakes, I knew you'd understand about the knickers!

Good to meet you, Fake. That's another good point about the safety film. We have an internal window that overlooks the main hall. If that were broken, the glass would go toppling down onto those below.

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