Saturday, September 29, 2007

Zorba dances on

I still can't find Zorba.

I've searched everywhere (except behind the computer - I wonder if it's slipped down the back).

I gave up, went to the Tesco download site and searched again. I paid my 89p and downloaded it, easy as pie. It went straight to music folder, no problem.

Then I tried to drag it into Movie-maker. Ha! "This move is illegal: this product is protected by digital media rights." What? You mean, even though I've paid my money I can't use it? You ratbags!

So this morning I visited another site, found the track I wanted, and checked carefully to see if it was also protected. From what i could read it wasn't. I paid my 79p this time, downloaded and tried again. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! "This move is illegal ..."

For goodness sake, I have tried my hardest to be honest; I shall have to resort to asking Younger Son to download it illegally for me.