Saturday, September 08, 2007

The world cup begins

Well, the rugby World Cup 2007 kicked off last night in Paris with the hosts taking on Argentina.

France is one of the favourites, so the result - a win for Argentina - shook everyone, especially Monsieur Laporte the Spock-like French coach. I wouldn't have liked to been on the receiving end of his after-match talk.

More games like last night's will make this a fantastic tournament.

There are teams in the competition that expect to do well: New Zealand, Australia, S. Africa and France. Then there are teams like England, reigning champions, Ireland and Argentina that have a good chance. At the other end we have Namibia and the US who are only there to make up the numbers. Somewhere in between comes Wales.

The Welsh have a great rugby history, but that's what it is: history. Although the Welsh nation hasn't accepted it yet and still hopes and believes in the team. Which is both depressing and heartening.

We SHOULD do well but we probably won't.

Having said that I'm still cheering us on, hoping that we'll get to beat England in the quarter-finals at the very least. Yes, I know! It's not much of a hope but without hope, why go on?

If Wales can't will, I hope it will be the All Blacks because they play exciting rugby.

Meanwhile, as I could get a bit boring blogging about rugby for the next month, I'm planning on including photies for the girls. First up, the cover of a book that has proved very popular with gay men in America. According to the Amazon synopsis, this book 'will appeal to anyone fascinated by the male form'. Husband tells me this is Remy Martin. What is it about rugby players? We have Austin Healey named after a car and now this man named after a brandy.


Sir James Robison said...

The Real World Cup, you mean.

Liz said...

Absolutely, James.

jmb said...

Well apparently I'm not too old to enjoy looking at the perfect male form, so keep the photos coming Lee.
We saw the match here in a free preview of Pay per view sports. From now on $14.95 a match so we'll have to read about it on the internet.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hmmmm, chiselled jaw, nice bod, strategically positioned football...what more could a girl want? The brandy...maybe?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

OOh! I like him...!

chux said...

i feel sick .....too much man-flesh for me!

Mauigirl said...

Not so bad for us women either!

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