Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Well, it amused me

"During World War II German aeroplanes flew over London dropping language pamphlets containing common German phrases; it was the start of the Berlitz."

From 1966 and All That on Radio 4 this evening.
I keep chuckling to myself.


Gledwood said...

how did you get fancy appearing text like that??

i'd have loved to have read some of that naughty propoganda during the war

wasn't there a posh man who used to broadcast from hamburg to london telling people winston churchil was a ventriloquist's dummy and the king and queen had really fled the country to a carribean retreat etc etc??

Gledwood said...

hey Liz aren't you in Cardiff?

i lived there for a while

in a place called arthur street in "roath"

does that mean anything to you?

Gledwood said...

in response to your comment on clarinet concerto in z minor: this was my reply~~

no Liz NO! I just read back that comment... I'm not playing the concerto ON the clarinet... just clarinet SETTING on that yamaha synth

i've always thought clarinet sounds better than the sax... why didn't they make saxophones out of wood with just the funky trumpet end attached... if I were a sax player, that's what I'd ask for from the instrument manufacturers... i'd get one specially made! a one off amalgam instrument!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, I miss R4 again now!

Lee said...

So much much time wasted...I wonder how many people kept those pamphlets and how much they would be worth these days...

Stu Savory said...

When MS Word 1.0 came to Germany and people tried to get it to do Block-setting (i.e. justified left AND right simultaneously) it would crash, because there were were words longer than one colimn-width and MS Word couldn't cope with that ;-)

Example :-


= Donau steam ships' company captains' widows' pension fund payout office.

Stu said...

See what I mean, even this stupid comment facility can't cope with long words! :-(

Mauigirl said...

Berlitz! Hysterical!

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